JRed Overview

JRed is an open source implementation of a subset of the Infrared Data Association's suite of protocols for infrared communications.

JRed was written to support applications that exchange data with devices running 3Com's PalmOS™ (e.g., Palm III™ and Handspring™'s Visor™). The IrDA standards, however, are independent of any platform, and any device compatible with those standards should be able to communicate with JRed.

JRed is written in Java® and runs on any Java Virtual Machine that supports Java 1.1.7 or better. It requires the Java Communications API and an infrared transceiver that can be accessed as though it were a serial port (almost all IR devices that are attached to PC's work this way). If you plan to run JRed under Linux, you will also need rxtx, which implements the Java Communications API's port classes for Linux.

JRed can be downloaded here. You can visit JRed's SourceForge page here.

Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. PalmOS and Palm III are trademarks of 3Com, Inc. Handspring and Visor are trademarks of Handspring, Inc. IrDA is a trademark of the Infrared Data Association. The JRed project is hosted by SourceForge.

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